Stan Lawson

General Manager at the Capitol Hill Club

Stan Lawson has been General Manager at the Capitol Hill Club for over 15 years where he oversees operations for a five-story 2 restaurant, dining room private club with over 3,500 members.  He relocated to Washington after  6 years as the manager of Brennan’s of Houston, the sister restaurant to the distinguished Commander’s Palace in New Orleans.  Lawson has a lifelong hospitality record including a  12-year career with Club Corp as a manager and regional manager of private membership clubs in Dallas and San Francisco preceded by managed fine dining restaurants in Atlanta, New Orleans, Deerfield Beach and New York City.  Born and raised in the Bronx, he remains a lifelong Giants baseball fan.  Lawson lives with his wife in Herndon and  is proud of his 2 adult daughters and his French grandmother who taught him the foundation of good cuisine.

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